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Both the reading and the lecture talk about ''genetically modifies trees''. Whereas, the reading states that genetically modified trees are beneficial to people because they provide advantages such as being hardier and resistant than non modifies trees, produce more economic benefit to farmers, and prevent over exploitation of the environment because they grow faster than non genetically trees. In contrast, the speaker refutes these points and claims that genetically modified trees do not provide people with the advantages states in the article. In contrast, modified trees produces adverse effect such as they are not diverse as non modified trees, cost more to plant, and causes more damage to the environment.

In the first place, the reading says that modified trees are stronger than non modified trees. Contrary to this point, the speaker claims that non modified trees are more resistant than modified trees because they can resist different harsh conditions such as climates changes and new pest. So, modified trees cannot resist the same adversities like non modified trees.

Second, the article states that modified trees produce more economic benefit to farmer than non modified trees. On the other hand, the speaker posits that the companies who produce genetically modified trees charge more to farmer, even at the end of the crops production, farmers cannot collect the seeds and regrow it without permission. So, they have to pay to companies each time that they wants to make new crops.

Finally, the article says that genetically modified trees prevent the over exploitation of the environment. The speaker disagrees and claims that they cause more environmental damage than non modified trees because modified trees grow more aggressive and compete with non modifies trees for the natural resources.

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that they wants to make new crops.
that they want to make new crops.

modified trees grow more aggressive
modified trees grow more aggressively

Just need to simply summarize the reading/lecture in the first paragraph. Read sample essays from ETS and see how is the introduction:

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