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In this sets of material, both the reading passage and the lecture discussed some possible usages of the settlements of Chaco Canyon located in New Mexico. The reading passage proposed some ways that these buildings might be used for. However, the lecture repudiated what stated in the article resting upon fallacious premises and provides three counterclaims proofing that all those usages are not convincing.

Firstly, the article claimed that the structures were totally residential like today's apartment buildings. The professor contradicted this point by acknowledging that merely the outside of the buildings were similar to our apartments; moreover, he explained that the inside of the aforementioned buildings cast doubt on the argument that, these buildings were residential. The lecture pointed out that there were not enough fire places for cooking in these structures, even though they had plenty rooms for hundreds of families.

Secondly, the reading argued that the buildings were used as storage for some crops like grain maize. Notwithstanding, the speaker highlighted that this usage could not be covered by any traces, because excavations were not able to find any containers or even grains of maize in the site of buildings.

Lastly, the reading passage contended that the structures were used as ceremonial centers. This seemed to be incorrect as explained in the lecture. The speaker articulated that, although excavations revealed some deposits like broken pots which were probable to be used in ceremonies, some other kinds of materials had been found there, for instance sand, stone and construction tools. Logically these are all regular trashes left over by workers of the buildings.

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merely the outside of the buildings were similar to our apartments;
merely were the outside of the buildings similar to our apartments;

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I was wonder about my grammatical error!
your correction is just for emphasis I think! am I right?

Only the outside of the buildings were similar to our apartments.
Is there any grammatical error with the above sentence?
I only used "merely" instead of "only" in my writing.

Inversion with negative adverbials:

If hardly, scarcely, barely, no sooner, merely.... are in the initial position, the subject and auxiliary are inverted:

Hardly had I arrived home when my phone rang. (I had hardly arrived home when my phone rang.)

Scarcely had she finished reading when she fell asleep. (She had scarcely finished reading when she fell asleep.)

Barely had they won the match when the coach had a heart attack. (They had barely won the match when the coach had a heart attack.)

No sooner had the company launched its new product than it went bankrupt. (The company had no sooner launched its new product than it went bankrupt.)

Never have I encountered such rudeness! (extract from a letter of complaint about the service in a restaurant)

Not only is Amanda Swift a gifted musician, but she is also good-natured and responsible. (extract from a covering letter)

No sooner had he locked the door than the phone started ringing.

Only when the last person had left did she sit down and try to relax.

Under no circumstances can you inform the staff about the imminent changes.

Not a sound could be heard in the church.

Little does Michael suspect that his daughter has been failing all her subjects at school!