Police officers should not carry guns. do you agree or disagree?

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Police officers should not carry guns. do you agree or disagree?

Guns are evoking detrimental consequences all over the world. I'm totally against guns and I believe that even police officers should not carry them. The basis of my view are based on several reasons.

First of all, it has been common nowadays to hear awful stories related to guns. For example; it has been mentioned in the news, the other day, about a police man who have shooted on a group of teenagers in their car, and unfortunately killed two of them. when the accident was investigated, it turned out that the alleged police man told the teenagers to lower down their music, and when they di...

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Sentence: Basically, because somtimes things are not like it appears, and there are many people who become victims for guns, and eventually it would turn out that they are not bad people at all and that it wasn't fair for them to be shot.
Error: somtimes Suggestion: sometimes

Sentence: Like the story of the policeman who was fired from the police department, whereby he dicided to use his legal guns to take revenge of other policemen who he allegedly thought that they were involved in a conspiracy that instigated him to be fired.
Error: dicided Suggestion: decided

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