TPO-11 - Independent Writing Task Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with?Use specific reasons and examples to support you

Use of Internet has been a debatable issue for many years. Different people possess different reasons for their choice between Internet providing people with a lot of valuable information or accessing too much information causes problem. Personally, I strongly agree with the former.
First and foremost, what I put in my priority is work efficiency. The fact is that Internet offers a large number of useful information. Therefore, there is always a variety of subjects that are available on Internet. People are able to go on the web and look for information that they need. As a result, it effectively helps them to finish their work quicker. More importantly, the information that the Internet provides us often comes from reliable sources. These information is often censored and monitored by the web editor. People can be more assured of the trustworthy of the information by reading the viewers’ comments. Accordingly, it goes without saying that people are bound to get a better understanding of their work and provide better outcome by getting access to these valid information. Without doubt, being offered with valuable information is a major factor contributing to people’s work efficiency.
In the second place, skills development is undoubtedly of paramount importance. It is widely known that having the ability to access to huge source of information, people are likely to be confused. A lot of information is often about the same topic and it’s hard for them to select. Therefore, they are certain to consider carefully and decide which information they will use. As the result, it substantially improves their critical thinking skill. More notably, when confronting with a lot of information on the Internet, people are spend much of their time on the Web. This information often leads to other information which will attract and waste our time for other activities. Accordingly, people have to schedule their time effectively to balance the time for surfing the web and pursuing personal hobbies. It is certain that their time-management skill will be improved significantly. With no doubt, accessing to valuable information plays an important role in skills development.
On the other hand, some people might say that gaining the access to a lot of valuable information will dramatically diminish the creativity of people. Therefore it will be extremely hard for people to work in a group and worsen their team-work skill. However, this opinion is not always true. In fact, Internet only plays a minor role in these situations. People are the one who have to use their creativity to come up with the main idea and they only consult the information on the Internet. Furthermore, people have to share the idea with other members. They are more likely to convey their idea and contribute to the group. Accordingly, it is easier for all the members in the group to reach an agreement on the subject and provide better outcome. Beyond any doubt, the idea that accessing to much information on the Internet will harm people’s team-work skill is often possible to end in collapse.
To sum up, work efficiency, skills development, ability to contribute to the group are the convincing reasons for my choice. It is highly recommended that readers should take my writing into close consideration.

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...iency. The fact is that Internet offers a large number of useful information. Therefore, there is...
Line 3, column 462, Rule ID: THIS_NNS[2]
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Suggestion: Therefore, diminish the creativity of people. Therefore it will be extremely hard for people to...
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Suggestion: my writing into close consideration.

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