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TPO 40.Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea?

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Children’s education is very important for their parents and because of that parents would their best to motivate their children. Some argue that the best way to motivate children is to offer them money if they get a good grade. However, others may support the opposite idea. In my opinion, the former view carries more weight. I take the position on account for the following reason.
Primarily, offering money to school-age children if they get a higher score in school may lead to some serious consequences. Children, at this age, are not enough matured in order to spend money in the right way. There are chances, that they might be influenced by other friends and spend it in the wrong way. One cousin is a compelling example of this. My cousin used to reward with money after getting the first rank in his class from his parents. After a few years, his parents found out him with cigarette packets. The money he was getting as a reward, he used to spend on cigarettes. Thus, his parents realized their mistake and stopped giving money to him.
Further point, children may cheat in the exam if parents offer money to them when they get a high grade in the school exam. As I mentioned earlier, children are not enough matured, it is hard for them to control their desires. A survey from the University of Chicago mentioned that students were more likely to encouraged to cheat in the exam in the past few years. The factor behind that act was money, they supposed to get as a reward if they get a high score in the exam. Additionally, once the child is addicted to using money independently and later when parents stop giving it then it may insist the child to find other inappropriate ways to earn money. Consequently, they would get a distraction in their education and parents cannot afford that for their children's better future.
On the contrary, there are plenty of creative ways to motivate the students in order to get a high score in the exam rather than merely offering money to appreciate them. Moreover, eventually, children would forget the value of money, if parents would keep providing money to them. It is the parent's responsibility to make them understand the value of the money, otherwise, when the child has grown up, they would not utilize it for their better future.
To sum up, I strongly believe that, giving money to a child for high grades have many negative consequences on his life. I think parents should try to teach their children the value of knowledge and to make them recognize and appreciate the opportunities they have been given by having access to such schools and educational systems.

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