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Both the reading and the lecture are about the Amtrak. The reading passage states that there are three supporting arguments that critics think the Amtrak should be sold to a private company. On the contrary, the lecturer claims that none of those reasons are convincing.

First and foremost, the article states that critics think that the government is loosing money on many of the reparation of Amtrak routs. Nevertheless, the professor disagree with this point of view by saying that the government is maintaining the Amtrak not for profit, but because citizens who live in remote areas have the right for the train service as everyone.

The second argument the author gives is that ownership of Amtrak by the government is unfair to privately-owned transportation companies. For example, the airlines companies do not receive any money from the government because they may compete with train transportation. As opposed to, the lecturer cannot disagree more by reasoning that the government support airlines companies because without help they may have not been existing.

Finally, the reading passage suggests that critics maintain that if the government wants to support national transportation, it should spent money elsewhere and not in rail roads. This is because the U.S. citizens relatively use trains. However, the speaker declares that people do not use train because the service is not up-to-date. Moreover, if the government invest in rail travel, by making ticket affordable and renovate the railroads, so the train could move at a higher speed, then without a doubt people would choose to travel by train. In addition, people in Japan are already using train more than any other form of transportation.

In conclusion, the reading's suggestions about the Amtrak are contrasted by the speaker. who is skeptical of the accuracy of each of them.

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