Some people think that government should spend money exploring outer space. Other think that government should spend this money for our basic needs on earth. Which do you prefer?

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Some people think that government should spend money exploring outer space. Other think that government should spend this money for our basic needs on earth. Which do you prefer?

The word "space adventure" has captured a large number of people's heart. Many men have been attracted by the unknown world and have desire to live in space at some future time. Indeed, the universe is last and infinite un-explored region for human beings. Government should yearly allocate a substantial amount of budget to different realm in order to help them finance their activities. Two of the most important areas to which this budget should be dedicated are improving outer space and fulfilling basic needs on the earth. Agreement is yet to be reached on this issue; however, to the extent that my personal perspective is concerned, although meet the basic needs on earth can directly impact human's lives, exploring outer space can bring many advantages that in the following paragraph, I will pinpoint the most outstanding reasons.

One compelling reason, lending credence to the stance taken above is that by and large, it is established beyond doubt that one day natural resources in every planet will terminated and people run into a huge problem. Scientifically speaking, we all know that people are highly depend on natural resources and as research shown population are increasing day in day out. In this case, not only will amount of resources diminish or die out but also will put people into danger because various trials and tribulations come up with arising population. Delving further into the issue reveal that we cannot always rely on earth forever and other extra place should be available in order to rely on its resources. Also, with the development of technological advancement and new science spending money on discovering outer space will not have negative consequences. As a tangible example conducted in MIT research center, exploring outer space provide fertile ground for people to live on and experience new living conditions and US government spend enough money in this territory when it comes to first priority.

Another reason that is equally important if not more is that many job opportunities will provide for people in order to make a living. Broadly speaking, it goes without saying that we all need a well-paid job to flourish in our everyday lives. This concept play an important role in individuals' way of living throughout history. To put it in other word, living on outer space is not as convenient as on earth and with the supports of government vast majorities of people are required to work in different parts in order to make the situations better. However, what I alluded to above cannot be overgeneralized to all contexts. Alongside with the innumerable benefits it has, indisputably, needs of people on the earth is of the significant problems that government should take it into consideration. Indeed, without fulfil of people's needs hardly can people progress and push society forward. Nevertheless, it does not make those preceding benefits pale.

To wrap it up, government all around the globe should take most important items into account when it comes to budget allocation. Contemplating all the aforementioned reason one soon realize that exploring outer space can be second natural resource for people because nothing in the earth last forever. Additionally, more job opportunities will create and provide fertile ground for people to make a living.

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