In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?'s picture

In many nations, schools encounter enormous problems with student behaviour. This essay will discuss firstly the ordinary sources of the problem, and secondly, on how this issue can be tackled effectively with relevant examples.

To begin with, poor parenting is widely considered to be the dominant facet for the rise of the matter. If a kid feels starved of attention and care from parents, this can bring on some very negative consequences. For instance, the child may not have been able to learn usual rules about which behaviours are socially acceptable and which are not. As a consequence, these students cause lots of problems to the teacher and fellow peers by prolonged arguments and fighting in the class, subjecting to disruptive behaviours. Next, teacher's negative attitude towards the students is another potential root of troublesome behaviours in students. Most students notice when the teacher does not exhibit acceptance and understanding towards their needs. So there is a high possibility that the hostile reaction tends to lead to severe clashes between students and teachers.

Having said that, the discussed problems can be resolved provided that the parents and teachers implement the following two measures. Firstly, with regard to poor parenting, the way forward might be to listen to the child with rapt attentions when he has something to say. Even though it might be his mundane narrative of the day and all achievements, listening avidly would mean a lot to him. Conversely, some parents are invariably found to overlook to hear another day that can be severely undermining for children, and parents are thus solely to shoulder blame for the ensuing bad behaviour of their kids. Secondly, teachers ought to plaudit any efforts that are devoted by students. For illustration, if students ran into great difficulties in spite of the repeated exertion, approaching and appreciating in a humble way instead of disregarding would generate high motivation and alter an undesirable behaviour to exemplary one.

In conclusion, respecting the requirements of children passionately by both mentors and parents, the upsetting behaviour of students can be dealt readily.

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