The following appeared in a business magazine As a result of numerous complaints of dizziness and nausea on the part of consumers of Promofoods tuna the company requested that eight million cans of its tuna be returned for testing Promofoods concluded tha

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The following appeared in a business magazine.

"As a result of numerous complaints of dizziness and nausea on the part of consumers of Promofoods tuna, the company requested that eight million cans of its tuna be returned for testing. Promofoods concluded that the canned tuna did not, after all, pose a health risk. This conclusion is based on tests performed on samples of the recalled cans by chemists from Promofoods; the chemists found that of the eight food chemicals most commonly blamed for causing symptoms of dizziness and nausea, five were not found in any of the tested cans. The chemists did find small amounts of the three remaining suspected chemicals but pointed out that these occur naturally in all canned foods."

Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be addressed in order to decide whether the conclusion and the argument on which it is based are reasonable. Be sure to explain how the answers to the questions would help to evaluate the conclusion.

The analysis of Promofoods’ product problem might seem possible and logical at first. The action of the company is correct and wise, taking eight millions of the products back to the companies for testing. The method of examination of any dangerous chemicals known to cause dizziness and nausea also is a correct way to address the problem. However, some facts are away from the explanation that need to be taken before taking any final conclusion. For now, the author’s conclusion must be evaluated carefully based on some assumptions that are not yet warranted.

Promofoods has conducted a series of test to determine whether the product that is in question contains 8 chemicals know to cause dizziness and nausea, yet we do not yet have the clear picture of this test, whether the type of test is correct or not, or the result of the test itself may differ from the truth. We do not know yet if the test conducted is not yet enough to determine the existence of the inimical substances inside the product. Perhaps, there are numerous steps or methods of laboratory examinations, and the company may only provide a few of these mandatory tests. We also, from the explanation given alone, know whether the 3 detected substances that deem as naturally formed in the can is normal or not. The chemists only mention the inherency of the 3 substances within the product, yet they do not show any follow-up to correct the issue. Those three chemicals might still cause the sickness to the customers, and they do so then the evaluation is incomplete in solving the problem. Another possibility is there might be other substances that are yet unknown to cause dizziness and nausea. These other chemicals might be completely obscure to the public, or they might be newly found by any research or other evaluation in another case. If the company does not follow the complete data regarding the cause of the dizziness and nausea, then all the efforts conducted before are futile and far from enough to determine the content of the products related to the incident.

The recall of the products is indeed worthy of praise, showing the willingness of the company to investigate or even to make sure the bad products will ever reach future customers. However, we do not know the true scale of the products currently in circulation in the market. It is plausible that the figure of eight millions is not adequate to represent all products produced by the company. What if the number of cans in the market reaches 100 millions cans? Is the 8 millions figure enough to represent those 100 millions cans? Also, it is better for the company to analyze the products based on the batch of the production. There might be any fault during the production process that cause certain kind of foreign chemical enter the products. On the other hand, if these 100 millions cans are indeed containing the suspect chemicals that cause the disease, then it is better for the company to recall all 100 cans from the market as a way to show better responsibility. The overall consideration of the evaluation must be fixed and improved to better address the situation, and to make the result of evaluation more beliavable.

The non-technical issue may also arise and cause the poisoning of the foods produced by Promofoods. We always see the direct cause of the problem without seeing another possible cause that can surface during the delivery of the products. The products may be fine when they are already reaching the final process, yet there can be abnormality during packaging or shipping of the products to the market. For example, the materials of the packaging might not be the usual or the approved ones for the products. All these gaps must be fulfilled by the company to better solve this problem.

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