The following appeared as part of a petition sent to residents of Youngtown by an environmental protection group The Smith Corporation should not be permitted to develop the land that is now part of the Youngtown Wildlife Preserve This sanctuary is essent

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The following appeared as part of a petition sent to residents of Youngtown by an environmental protection group:
"The Smith Corporation should not be permitted to develop the land that is now part of the Youngtown Wildlife Preserve. This sanctuary is essential to the survival of the 300 bird species that live in our area. Although only a small percentage of the land will be sold to Smith, the proposed development will have disastrous consequences for our area. The company plans to build a small hotel on the land. Although they have promised to ensure the preservation of the sanctuary, there is no way that their plans will do anything but harm the sanctuary. There are no circumstances under which this sale will benefit our community, which relies on tourists who visit primarily to see our magnificent bird population."

Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on these assumptions and what the implications are if the assumptions prove unwarranted.

The argument states that the Smith Corporation should not be permitted to develop the land that is now part of the Youngtown Wildlife since the sanctuary is essential to the survival of 300 bird species living that area. Although the company promises to ensure preservation of the sanctuary but the environmental protection group seem to not believe on the company's claim. Land encroachment is a major concern in modern times. Especially using forest and wildlife area for purposes of building other infrastructure that could aid tourism and economy. This unplanned expansion and urbanisation has led to a disastrous global environmental imbalance affecting the entire wildlife population. Many industrialist seem to promise that wildlife preservation would be the key agenda sounds plausible but false.

The article states only a small percentage of land would be sold to the Smith corporation but does not provide with what part of the land would be utilised by the corporation. Giving up of the santuary's land would cause displacement of thousands of birds and consequesntly disrupting the environmental balance. The expansion in the name of development and tourism has resulted into global warming and unsustainable growth. It is true that the proposed development will not only have a disastrous impact on the area, but would also disrupt the environmental cycle causing an ecological imbalance. With the rising global warming such activities have to be stopped for a better sustainable future.

The assumption that under no circumstances the sale would benefit the community, which relies on tourists who visit primarliy to see the magnificent bird population could be agreed upon to a certain context. Any bird santuary could be a great hotsopt for the tourists, attracting not just the local population, but the global as well. The building of the hotel in place of the bird sanctuary would be a boon to the local community in terms of attracting more and more tourist population. New hotel would also result into new opportunities for the local area people generating jobs and other services. Although the construction will result into displacement of a significant amount of bird population causing an ecological imbalance, but would create opportunities for the local population.

In conclusion, sustainable development and expansion is the key to such problems. The construction of new hotel which would create tourism for the local population and aid them by generating new opportunities, but at the same time an environmental disruption would harm the bird population and ultimately contributing to the global warming.

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