The following is a recommendation from the Board of Directors of Monarch Books."We recommend that Monarch Books open a café in its store. Monarch, having been in business at the same location for more than twenty years, has a large customer base bec

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The following is a recommendation from the Board of Directors of Monarch Books.

"We recommend that Monarch Books open a café in its store. Monarch, having been in business at the same location for more than twenty years, has a large customer base because it is known for its wide selection of books on all subjects. Clearly, opening the café would attract more customers. Space could be made for the café by discontinuing the children's book section, which will probably become less popular given that the most recent national census indicated a significant decline in the percentage of the population under age ten. Opening a café will allow Monarch to attract more customers and better compete with Regal Books, which recently opened its own café."

Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be answered in order to decide whether the recommendation is likely to have the predicted result. Be sure to explain how the answers to these questions would help to evaluate the recommendation.

The board of directors of Monarch Books recommends opening a café in the bookstore to attract more customers. They offer a reasonable line of thought but it is not convincing enough to take a leap to the conclusion that this recommendation will definitely improve their customer base. They claim that since their rival company opened a café, in order to compete with it, they need to open a café as well. However, careful scrutiny of this reasoning reveals little credible support for the author’s recommendation.

For example, the reasoning given by the board does not take into account the popularity of Regal Books, how long Regal Books has been operating, how big of a customer base do they have. If their popularity or customer base is not anywhere close to Monarch books, their worry to compete with them is superfluous. Regal Books probably opened a café to increase its declining customer base. They probably thought that opening a café would increase their popularity among youth. Monarch books, on the other hand, have large enough customer base since they have been running the store for the past 20 years. Indeed the board failed to estimate their rival’s popularity and compare it to theirs before evaluating the recommendation.

Likewise, the board failed to check whether Regal Books performance in terms of customer base and popularity increased after they opened the café. Does the café give any extra profits? Or does the café incur more costs than expected? Did the café increase their customer base or did it decrease? These are some of the fact checks that the board should consider before taking the recommendation for granted. If Regal books started facing loss after opening the café, then the recommendation would likely prove futile for Monarch Books as well.

Finally, the board decided to build the café by replacing the children’s section. They claim that this section would become less popular because of decline in children numbers in national census. However, they failed to check whether the numbers decreased in the area of the bookstore as well. The overall children number would have come down in the country, but is it case in the city as well? Or did the number of children even increase in the city? This is indeed a very important flaw in their reasoning for jumping to the recommendation. If there is no change in the number of children in the city, then Monarch Books will probably lose out on the child customer base by going ahead with the proposal.

In conclusion, the board’s argument is unpersuasive as it stands. By taking into account the aforementioned relevant factors, the board will probably be making a more informed decision. Without this kind of knowledge, especially the validity check on the coincidence of census survey and the performance of the rival company after opening the café, the recommendation will remain unsupported and irrelevant.

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