"Over the past two years, the number of shoppers in Central Plaza has been steadily decreasing while the popularity of skateboarding has increased dramatically. Many Central Plaza store owners believe that the decrease in their business is due to the numb

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In the letter, the Owner of the Central Plaza asserts that the declination in the number of shoppers if the outcome of increase in the popularity of skateboarding. Thus to increase the count of shoppers the author recommend to prohibit the skateboarding in the Plaza. however the letter is proved to be unconvincing because of lacking of evidences.

First of all, the author delineates a direct relation between the decrease in the number of shoppers and increase in the fame of skateboarding, assuming it to be the absolute reason in the reduction of customers. This assumption seems less cogent as popularity of skateboarding cannot be the only reason behind the less sell. There is a possibility the stocks in Plaza are not proved to be satisfying to the customer and that is why the old customers are not willing to visit again. Another reason for the less shopper can be other equivalent or even better competitors of Central Plaza that the shoppers find more convenient on the basis of cost of the product, services offered,etc. than Plan. There are many such parameters which can be the cause of the decrease in the customer count and skateboarding not even related to it. Therefore, the author required to consider the aforementioned factors in order to bolster the argument.

Likewise, the author claims that the litter and vandalism are found in the Plaza, in-directing mentioned that skateboarding is the cause for this. While giving this,the author put forward the aesthetic requirement of customer. Inadequately, this evidence giving an impression that the author is equivocating in order to buttress his side. Since, the presence of litter and vandalism can also give an indication of poor cleaning service, this point can change in the direction of the argument and can help in the contribution of reduction in the count of shoppers. The author must supply other details that can be the cause of litter and vandalism.

Finally, the author concluded, on this basis of his fallacious evidences that ban of the skateboarding can increase the number of customers and given a prediction that by this step, the Plaza will restore its glory again and get its shoppers back again. But, as the viewpoint of the customer is not declaimed in the argument, this ultimate conclusion result in less cogency.

In summary, the author needs to analyze the issue in detail, considering all the factors such as customer satisfaction, abundance of stock, other competitive shops and so on. The depth of these parameters can help the author to bolster the argument with a rigid conclusion.

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