All nations should help support a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world s most persistent problems

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All nations should help support a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world’s most persistent problems.

The speaker suggests for the establishment of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the most persistent problems of the world through a unified global effort. Though, it sounds pleasing, the claim is far-fetched and quixotic, and therefore I do not agree with the claim for the following reasons.
It is true that the world is advancing rapidly in each and every realm of human endeavor. It may be either in the field of science and technology, or in the field of business and economics, or in the field of art and literature, each two nation are complementing the need of one another and are advancing together hand-in-hand in the path of development. So it is reasonable to think of the establishment of the global university in the hope of solving the world’s persistent problems. But, still there are number of countries which are in dire financial conditions living under extreme poverty, state of illiteracy, and unawareness. Still there are number of countries with oppressive government who believes in fascism rather than co-operation and public welfare. And I am sure that these nations are definitely not going to make any contribution in the global effort of finding solution to the most persistent universal problems.
The university constitutes students from all around the globe and each country could have its own major problems. For instance, drug addiction could be the major problem of Nepal that the government wants to eradicate, but for India rape could be the major problem. Similarly, there could be different problems for different nations. This country wise difference in the major problem could cause great confusion in the scholars while considering persistent universal problem. Further, conducting the research for the solution to the problem of one nation could surely arise the feeling of bias, and even dissension and disagreement between the scholars. This can eventually leads to the ineffective functioning of the university.
Students in such global university are from all around the world and they speak different languages. Since the world has not been completely globalized, there would be difficulty in communication between them. This would cause a poor exchange of ideas and so the scattered ideas in different students cannot be unified as a global effort in finding the solutions to the universal problems. Further, there could be the lack of sufficient fund as the research persists for many years in trying to find the solution to the problems. Survey shows that many international treaties adopted in eradicating the universal problem has failed. For instance, the international agreements such as Kyoto protocol, Paris agreement, Earth summits etc which are made with the purpose of eradicating the global warming, climate change, carbon emission and etc has failed. The failure of these international treaties clearly depicts such global university won’t function well. Therefore, it would be a great loss of time, wealth and resources of the world. It would be better to find the solution of the problem from the local and national level as local people are more aware about the cause and effects of the problem than international people.
In conclusion, though the idea of establishing the global university in order to find the solution to the world’s most persistent problems sounds good, there are number of obstacles which is very difficult to overcome. Thus, I believe that the idea of establishing such university is not practical at all.

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