Educators should take students' interests into account when planning the content of the courses they teach.

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Educators should take students' interests into account when planning the content of the courses they teach.

Education is a two way process- teaching by a tutor and learning both by a tutor and a student. As like a student should pay enough attention, a teacher or an educator should also pay the similar attention in the student's interest and need in every parts of teaching process. So I support with the author's recommendation about the need to account the student's interest by the educators while planning the content of the courses by teach.

Education is the backbone of the nation. It should be given top priority to every nation in order to get economic and social progress. In this modern generation, student's interests are dynamic. In order to acknowledge their changing interests, many top-notch universities in the world are recruiting the best educators to understand the student's positive interests and the process of implementing them in their education system. In that case, universities which lack enough budget and investment in this field is going behind- it is the case of most of the developing countries where there is huge flow of brain drain to the top universities of developed country. For example; in Nepal, millions of students in order to seek proper education of their choice, they migrate to the Europe, Australia, USA and other developed countries. This had the serious impact in the economy of Nepal because most of them do not depart to their countries, due to the apprehension of the bad effect of the education to their off-springs. So, to stop this brain drain, educators should take focus on student's interest on the planning of the courses.

In a teaching process, interests of the students are vital. An effective teaching-learning process is based on the fact how the students' need and interests are recognized by the teaching process. If the interests of the students are not recognized, then there will be discord and less effective teaching and learning in which thoughts of invention and creativity will be limited. So to enhance and strengthen the learning process, an educator should be always give top priority to the students' interest.

We always do better in the works of our interest. Similarly, if an educator plans any courses without accounting interests and needs of the students, students perhaps study well, can show good cooperation too, but surely their performance and interest on education will not be better when they are compelled to study out of their interest. This type of education system might discourage students in education and they might be derailed in their future. Moreover, even after huge investment in education, it cannot be significant impact in our development because of lack of both skilled and creative manpower.

Many might argue that students' interest can be harmful which can create negative impacts in education - so, educators should focus on other things expect student's interest. But aren't these misdeeds by students be corrected by implementing the needs and real and positive interest's of them. So, it is very important to give focus on all types of student's interest and implement them properly after cautiously accounting if these interests are the real needs.

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