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Governments should focus on solving the immediate problems of today rather than on trying to solve the anticipated problems of the future.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the reco

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The aforementioned issue topic is indeed controversial.Whether a government should focus on the current scenario or plan for future issues is rather a mind-boggling topic.Nevertheless,a government is a body which functions equally for a countries development and prosperity by taking into consideration it's present situation.I, therefore,opine that any government should focus on future problems only after tackling the immediate problems faced by it's citizens.
To begin with,there goes a saying - "Tomorrow never comes."Time passed is time lost.Hence, the problems faced by people of any country should be considered and acted upon by the particular nation's government in that particular time span.If a country's challenge is to eradicate a particular disease say-Tuberculosis.Then the efforts should be started right when the problem arises i.e. when the disease is swiping away the lives of people.
Secondly, many a times circumstances are such that confuse the ruling body.A striking example which can be considered is when a country is facing major unemployment and simultaneously scientists are planning for a research endeavor which needs huge capital investment.Although profusely confounding, such clause can be addressed upon by first aiming to reduce the unemployment rate by and later on accumulating adequate funds for the research work.If one takes a careful insight of this matter,one can deduce that definitely boom in the employment field can in a way help in proper fund raising for research activities.As people with their perseverance and dedication can surely contribute in strengthening the economic sector.
However,it is equally important for a government to concentrate on anticipated future problems as well.An example of natural calamities can be looked upon.If under the excuse of solving current issues a governing body is overlooking the future problems then it can end up utmost misery.If a countries geographical locations are such that it is prone to earthquakes and no adequate measures are taken by it's government,one day it may lead to mass human loss.
In a nutshell,it is wise enough for any government to first address today's issues by keeping an eye on the future issues.

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