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The luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life prevent people from developing into truly strong and independent individuals.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning f

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We live in the age of developing technology.It is undoubtedly true that technical advances have made human life far more comfortable and convenient today. However, this convenience to some extent has taken away human ability to think and create new ideas. I, therefore, partially agree with the given stance - The luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life have led to certain pitfalls in creating strong and independent individuals.
To begin with, one can rightfully claim that the recent technological advances have increased human productivity. A striking example is of the mundane use of the GPS in cars. Rather than memorizing the complex routes in today's era of confounding road structures, it is definitely way much easier to turn on the navigation (GPS) app. Such is the beauty of the Age of Technology.Indeed, the smartphone comprises endless details for trite necessities.
Nonetheless, any thing which is provided in excess is harmful. Likewise, the fast pacing technological era posits its own drawbacks. One of the greatest challenge faced by the human race is that of Global warming. Although, man has successfully invented green houses, the solution for preventing ozone depletion goes unanswered. At the end, a comfort of endless toiling in the sun is replaced with the risk of skin cancer. On the other hand, owing to excessive urbanization issues like unemployment have come in the frame.
On one hand, there is the fabulous invention of calculators, on the contrary a risk of inability to do mental math belies. Not only, today, is there a scope to watch TV shows on you tube, but also there stands an alarming risk of physical inactivity.
In a nutshell, i would like to conclude that luxuries and conveniences in today's era do motivate people, but simultaneously if enjoyed in abundance they equally play a role in challenging the dependency of humans.

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