The argument to be analyzed is as follows:The following is taken from a memo from the advertising director of the Super Screen Movie Production Company.“According to a recent report from our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people atten

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In the given argument, the director of Superscreen Movie Production Company states that, the company should be allocated greater share of it's budget next year to reaching the public through advertising. However, although apparently sound, the argument is rife with numerous flaws and loopholes which need to be considered by the director.

To begin with, firstly, the director writes about the reports given by the marketing department. His opinion is that there were less audience for the movies last year in comparison to any other year. Undoubtedly, this is a logical statement put forth by the director. Nonetheless, there is no clear mention of any inferential data to support the claim. It may be probable that movies produced by the company are always box office hits. Thus, in comparison to other years there would have been only a slight decrease in the audience. Had the author provide a numerical evidence which would prove the statement, the argument would have appeared more reasonable.

Secondly, there is a mention of increase in positive reviews for specific Super Screen movies. But, as per the aforementioned clauses, a similar void exists here. The director fails to provide statistical evidence. Also no comparable premise has been stated. It is difficult to guess exactly on what basis have the reviewers graded the movies.

Thirdly, it is mentioned in the argument that lack of public awareness regarding the quality of Super screen movies is attributable to inability of movie reviews to reach prospective viewers. However, the director again failsjk to mention the reason for this inability. It may be probable that some other production company also endorsed a movie that year and it's reviews were far more better as compared to that of Super screen. Hence, the problem may not be attributed to lack of advertising of the reviews but with the competition which arose in the past year.
Conclusively, the appeal made by the director regarding increase in the budget for public advertising should be reconsidered. The aforementioned clauses should be therefore analysed by the director with scrutiny before arriving at a final decision.

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