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Laws should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developi

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"Law" by definition means a set of rules governing people's security, justice and societal peace within a given set time frame. That is, by this very definition, they should be flexible enough to take consideration of the circumstances and events according to the contemporary time-frame. I, am therefore in accordance with the stance regarding a law's flexibility, as any set of laws should certainly evolve according to the societal norms.
To begin with, any legal framework consists of two distinct entities - civil and criminal law. Civil laws are concerned with factors like penalty-check, tax-payment,etc. Criminal laws are those that are concerned with sexual abuse, rape,or murder.Thus, while taking action against these two entities a complete analysis of the scenario in which the offense has taken place should be studied. In case of violation of a civil law, there might be a situation wherein members of a village may not be able to pay tax on time due to financial crisis. On the contrary, a rapist may be responsible for the crime attributing to his mental state of imbalance. In such cases, the basic priority is to question why is this law being violated?
Also, various laws fundamentally evolve according to times. A past law which allowed polygamy may certainly hold no ground today. On the other hand, the LGBT law for homosexual marriage which was declared valid in 2011 by the United Nations was thoroughly condemned in the past. Thus, owing to such criteria, as the economy globally develops laws should be modified.
In addition, the time governed nature of laws can be explained with a striking example. If terrorism threats increase in a nation, undoubtedly, military regulations become more strict.It becomes imperative to keep a check on foreign entries in the form of strict passport checking, maintaining scrutiny on import materials, and to name a few. While such impositions are maintained, it is obviously true that such situations will in a way affect foreign trade and tourism. Nonetheless, such factors can be compensated for when the global threats reduce.
However, despite of the flexibility of laws, they should never be let loose. Priority should be given to maintain integrity of any law in every country.
To sum up, as it has been cogently elaborated above,legal framework should be flexible enough with respect to changing times and scenarios.

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