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Society should identify those children who have special talents and abilities and begin training them at an early age so that they can eventually excel in their areas of ability. Otherwise, these talents are likely to remain undeveloped.

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For any society, it is always a matter of pride if it's citizens with their amazing talent bring it glory. I, therefor am in complete accordance with the given issue stance.If a society or any nation hopes to enlighten it's name, then definitely it should offer adequate support to children who exhibit extraordinary skills.
While any given individual possesses a creative talent,it can be subject to astray if the society is likely to condone it. Leonell Messi, the well-known football player, despite of being a brilliant player, suffered from a condition termed growth hormone deficiency.In those circumstances, it was Barcelona football club who came forward to lend a helping hand to his family.After apt treatment only, he started his career towards the path of being a professional player.
Additionally,such situations can be noticed in various societies wherein an organization or a government body has provided the correct platform for the individual's progress.The famous Indian Mathematician Ramanuj was encouraged by his lodgers to gain expertise and further knowledge in the field. Now owing to his contribution to the concept of number properties, the scope in the field of mathematics has significantly widened. Also, the famous singer Mozart had a thorough backing of the royal court to perform various melodies.Today, his name in his field can be anything but forgotten.
However, it can not be argued upon that only those children who possess extra-ordinary talent should receive credulity from the government.The society should equally support every child for his/her progress and development.Nonetheless, if a sports player or an artist needs either a financial or moral backing, then the societal organizations should provide help in whichever way possible.
In a nutshell, any society should consider the marvelous skills, be it in - arts, science or commerce and provide support, as this might in future help in bolstering the global place of that particular society.

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