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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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In any nation, it is a crucial role of the society to prepare it's individuals for gaining a sense of leadership in any field- be it politics or industry. However, the tutors of any society can choose two possible ways for accomplishing this goal- it can either be achieved through co-operation or competition.
When an individual takes birth, it is his/her natural instinct of competing with his adjoining premise which helps in his survival.
Darwin had once quoted while stating the principal of natural selection- "The fittest survive." Thus, competition is an innate quality possessed by every individual. Any human being would therefore first think about the self before thinking about people. Nevertheless, if a person fails to co-operate with the world in his process of development, he/she most likely succumbs to failure.

A striking example which can be provided is of a teacher-student relationship. When a child starts schooling, the innate sense of competition would provide him/her an edge over other students. Nonetheless, if the child is excessively focused on achieving his/her goals and fails to respect the teacher, then most likely he/she would end up getting various punishments throughout academic years. Also, an excess of competition breeds selfishness. A selfish pupil will misbehave in school and end up scoring less in exams. As a consequence, he/she would have less friends.

Moreover, co-operation is indeed a key to a person's development. If an actress wants to make a good career in the film industry, then she should have an amiable personality. If she is more friendly with the casting couch, she will get more acting projects. On the contrary, an obstinate behavior and a sense of opportunism may end up in her replacement in a project. But, a friendly nature will help her to gain accolade by the public and the media.

In a nutshell, although competition helps in the growth of a person, it is attributable to the individual's co-operative nature which will lead to his professional development. Various great personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Kit Harrington, Isaac Newton were competitive. However, despite of this nature they equally possessed a sense of co-operation towards their fellow supporters. Thus, conclusively, the best way for a society to prepare it's young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of co-operation not competition, as it is an innate quality.

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