In most professions and academic fields, imagination is more important than knowledge.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most c

Hallucination trumps reality, magic mushroom glom inside my backyard gives me more insight to quantum physics and high energy chemistry. How sarcastic high society chasing heroin addicted junkie’s work as highly saluted art, calling imagination “surpasses” the fundamental fabric of science.

To sparky, the professions require at least professional knowledge to comment may just need some “imaginationary.” Human academic knowledge since neoanthropology has become so complex, a renowned scientist would spend decades to muster the very minor subject of their main report focus. Not mentioning cross field studying usually requires a 200-300 people team to have a minor impact on the direction of human evolution. Those who has a liberal art degree may have absolute-zero idea how complex human applied, engineering and social science has grown. They may sometime grab a magazine from the side self of a check out isle and pretend to be an evangelion of high science(art). This is the story of imagination becomes more important, to articulate an façade of mutual understanding.

While one may not be aspiring to be elitist in their profession, knowledge’s quality as a transferrable entity sprawling on the library shelfs, makes it possible for it to be shared amongst each other - in fact, universities and colleges exists for this reason. Without the elucidation and documentation of the works of those before us, we would ignorantly reinvent the wheel for millenials to come. When the next generation comes, we pass on them what we have know, and perhaps unwittingly imagined. Consequently, they go ahead to more successful than we were. Therefore, knowledge is of crucial to our survival as a species.

Another example exists in the professions related to the world of business. An enterprising business entrepreneur needs to imagine how he can change the face of his business before he utilizes the knowledge available with him for doing the same. Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world today. He started as a common man who had a vision of creating something that would change the world of software. Today almost every computer in the world has one or the other Microsoft application installed. This has been possible because Bill Gates had let his imagination run free and he later devised the tools for realizing his dreams.

Art is one such field where there is no scope for success without imagination. Painters, poets, writers etc. all have to imagine before they can put their thoughts on paper. Literary works by famous writers are by and large works of fiction that have stemmed from their imagination. J. K. Rowling is rolling in millions because she imagined a character called Harry Potter and authored a series of books that revolve around a fictional storyline. This book series catapulted her to instant fame and fortune in a short span of time. There are thousands of writers struggling to get a break, and the one who has actually succeed in becoming a multi-millionaire overnight is the one who utilized her imagination in the best possible manner. All painters have the knowledge that is required for mixing colors and creating designs on canvas, but the ones who have created a niche for themselves are the ones who have put their vivid imagination on canvas.

In a nutshell, Imagination is truly an important component of every field. Revolutionaries may even impute their greatest success to those pivotal moments when an idea seemingly jumps at them. But it is clear that knowledge is the foundation of their successes, without which there is no imagination. Our intellectual progress, and our individual socio-economic value hinges on knowledge. Thus, knowledge is all the more important than imagination in most professions.

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