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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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Education plays a vital role in every student life, because education gives wisdom, knowledge, the knowledge students acquire, based on that, students construct their life, national curriculum on the education is also vital task to accomplish, national curriculum equals all the students level in subjects, all the students until they enter to the college, have equal knowledge on all the subjects, introducing national curriculum implementation may be satisfactory to some states, it might not a productive aspect to all the students in the nation.

For example, let us consider a state A, where students lacks in science and another state consider as B where student are excellent in science and lacks in math, introducing science and math in national curriculum might be not a productive thing to to state A, because they already familiar with the subject science, instead, if they would prefer other subject it might have more productive, introducing same subject or already known subjects might affect the loss of time in relearning, that is a laborious reading to students.

Introducing national curriculum might equal the skill of students who live in rural area and urban area, this would be chance of competing the students in urban with rural students, same proportion is given to enter in graduate colleges,considering several factors such as communication skills, innovative skills, can be achieved and competed by rural students, this would be a lot of benefit to the rural students.

In conclusion, a nation should require all of students to study same material to improvise all the states and cities and villages, and also it also must have the permission to modify the curriculum by states to inculcate the subjects to be improved.

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