People who are the most deeply committed to an idea or policy are also the most critical of it.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In deve

The statement that people who are the most deeply committed to an idea or policy are also the most critical of it may seem paradoxical, but it should be true for people who are really devoted to the idea and search for real truth. Most of the people tend to blindly commit to the ideas they believe in.

people who are in pursuit of the pure truth are most critical to the ideas they support. It is a fact, that in any idea or innovative there are pros and cons, the candid people are persistently working to develop the idea by spotting the deficiencies and negativities, and try to find ways to overcome them. Scientists should be the most critical to the ideas they support, they have the critical thinking to any idea, they doubt any hypothesis and to them, there are no facts until they are approved without any reservation. For instance, Edward Teller, the father of the Nuclear weapons, when he comprehended its deteriorating effects when using these weapons, he became a strong opponent of using them. Also, doctors are the most aware of the side effects of the drug or treatment of any disease, they always warn people of the inaccurate use of these drugs, and there are ongoing researches which aim to find safer treatments ways or drugs with fewer side effects.

In contrast, people are blinded by their existing beliefs, it is hard for them to think about them critically, and most of the people who stand against the pervasive beliefs were subjected to scorn by conservatives, sometimes the whole society. For instance, when Galilleo invited the telescope, consequently, he approved the heliocentric theory which was against the prevailing belief of the geocentric system, Pope banned all his books and letters advocating the heliocentrism. Thus, the critical view of any belief or idea demands a courteous and candid person, who can defeat the proponents of these ideas and most importantly, himself.

Moreover, politicians rarely can be critical to their own ideas or policies, or the ideas and beliefs which their parties advocate. Political life thrives on evasive ideas and pompous speeches, politicians are most use any uncandid ways to gain the public approval. Unfortunately, they are surrounded by uninformed supporters, who can be led, controlled and manipulated easily. So, if people take into consideration different aspects of the idea and attain a critical view of it, their minds will be enlightened and their horizons will be broadened.

In conclusion, it is important for people who support an idea to think critically about it, but most of the people tend to ignore the aspects which contradict with their beliefs.

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