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Some people argue that successful leaders in government, industry, or other fields must be highly competitive. Other people claim that in order to be successful, a leader must be willing and able to cooperate with others.Write a response in which you disc

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Airbus cooperation made by European countries, to compete with large aircraft manufacturer Boeing, is very eminent example of successful cooperation. The given statement compares cooperation with competition. The cooperation and healthy competition are always played an important role in triumph. Cooperation always helps to overcome shortcomings of each individual while healthy competition constantly motivates for betterment.

Firstly, the collaboration is always helpful for weaker individuals due to there inability to compete with strong players.
For an example, wealthy farmers can buy extravagant instruments for farming. Such instruments will help them to lower the cost of the crops. But, it is difficult for poor farmers who are unable to buy such expensive instruments. To confront with wealthy farmers, poor farmers need to form cooperation to buy such instruments. Similarly, in the case of small nations, it is also true. They formed World Trade Organization for regularizing world trade. Therefore, now world trade is unbiased for such small nations with limited resources.

Furthermore, cooperation also helps to achieve common goal because it increases strength and decreases weaknesses. There are various examples in space exploration field. For an instance, when Indian space agency planned Magalyan, mission to the mars, they got inputs about voyage to the mars from all the space agencies from all over the world such as NASA. It helped them while planning and execution of the mission.

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