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Some people argue that successful leaders in government, industry, or other fields must be highly competitive. Other people claim that in order to be successful, a leader must be willing and able to cooperate with others.Write a response in which you disc

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In cooperation, a group is working towards a common goal whereas, in competition, one individual is fighting with others to gain something. The given statement compares two schools of thoughts, one is inclined towards competition while other is is leaned towards cooperation. Healthy competition and cooperation on arduous issues always helpful for achieving success.

Firstly, healthy competition assists to improve quality of the product. For example, the current market of smartphones experiencing strong competition. Because of this, customers are getting high-quality services and products at lower prices.
In the democratic government, there is need for strong opposition who can argue with the ruling party on various issues in the government and have a debate on them. It helps the government to make good decisions. All the above factors state that healthy competition is always helpful for the common man.

Furthermore, bad competition can lead to disastrous consequences. Such competition is very unpleasant for small players.
For instance, Microsoft is a big software manufacturer. In early 2000, they had a monopoly in internet browsing business. They kept their software prices low to kill small software businesses. Which resulted in every customer was using only Microsoft software. Therefore unhealthy competition is very destructive for weaker players. It hinders the growth of small industries.

Finally, cooperation also helps to solve difficult problems such as world peace, world trade, etc. The world trade organization is a good example of cooperation. It provides equal opportunities for all countries to trade. It creates an unbiased environment for small countries for doing business all over the globe. Hence cooperation is always helped humankind to solve tough problems such as global warming, nuclear proliferation, and world peace.

In conclusion, all the above examples indicate that healthy competition and cooperation is the way to development. It provides equal opportunities to all the sections of the society.

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