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Some people believe that college students should consider only their own talents and interests when choosing a field of study. Others believe that college students should base their choice of a field of study on the availability of jobs in that field.

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In some times it is not so easy to determine which one is better over situations. These two perspective of views may vary depending on distinct views. In some case most of the time there is no chance to choose their own choice and scenario may vice-versa. By lack of abundant opportunity sometimes, students face ambivalent situations what actually should they do. So it is too far to say that students should give priority in what, own interest or availability of job fields.

Everyone has no option to choose their own choice because they have some restrictions. Many reasons behind them which create obstacle to choose their own option. In some countries in the world, education system does not support this thinking students can choose their own fields. For instance, many countries in Asian subcontinent belong to under-developed situation. Bangladesh is over-densly populated country. More than 3-4 lakhs students complete their 12 class study each year and have ability to pursue higher studies. But higher education facilties can not cover this huge demand. Thus a large number of students are thrwon away lack of chances. Some students can continue their studies in private university which is costly as well many poor students cannot afford this. In this circumstances, chosing fields by own their interest is too impossible to continue studies. Every parents wishes that their children will entry into a good job after their study which makes their life easier economically. Along with this situation, in job fields, most of the time, want to high requirement from candidates which could not be possible to fulfill by such poor students and competition is very high in job fields. As a result, having caliber, some talented studetns cannot use their brain lack of facilties. In this situation it is too tough to complete their graduation. They wish to get involved anything for supporting thier live though they have do it with reluctance.

Countries economic condition is an important factor to determine how their country's people will belong to. Sufficient job opportunity if a country can not provide for their population, it seems they falling into starvation which is not anyone expectation. On the other hand if any country's government have ability to create enough job for their people according to their skills, it seems no pressure on public and no chance wasting their time by thinking what they do after study. All are related about how government creates job facilites in each fields. Like USA, if anyone have required SAT score, they can choose their subject and vice-versa. Similarly, they can get involved their prefect matching job sector after completeing their graduation without harrassment, mental stress, corruptions or any kind of dishonest movements.

Last of all, without interest no one can give his/her full atterntion for this work eagerly. Enthusiasm deals greatly for extracting genius idea from talented people. Work under stress is actually meaningless which never brings any good result at the end. Providing sufficient job opportunity can ensure that students can study whatever they want.

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