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Some people believe that in order to be effective, political leaders must yield to public opinion and abandon principle for the sake of compromise. Others believe that the most essential quality of an effective leader is the ability to remain consistently

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A leader should show integrity, honesty, passion, commitment, and accountability towards his principles and moral values to become successful. A leader must also possess adaptability, decision-making sill, and problem-solving skills to become effective. These all traits are required for a leader tobecome more effective. The given statement discusses about two schools of thoughts. One talks about adherence to principle while other supports results of the leader. Political leader must adhere to moral values for increase his accountability and to inspire others while to deal with some arduous problem they should make some compromise.

Firstly, a leader must serve the people by solving their problems. If the task requires abondoning his moral values, he should do that. If he is dealing with some stress situation such as war, hijack, he needs to comprise with his moral values. People loves such people who are result-oriented. Sometimes, a good leader makes comprimise with other party with opposite ideology, to complete his tasks. To deal with problems related foreign relations, world trade and world peace requires adaptablity. Barak Obama made Iran deal going against his moral values. He made such decision for world peace. Hence, for surving the purpose and for decision making, leaders have to make comprimises.

Furthermore, a leader must show integrity and honesty towards his promises made to the people. He must be commited and passionate about his work. This will make him effective and it will inspire others to support him. Putin made promise to russian people about improving his economy and he stood by it. He finally delivered results. This inspired lots of peolpe in eastern europe. Therefore it is important to show commitment in the direcection on the cause for a leader to gain public support.

In conclusion, leaders should make adjustment to solve difficult problems which are impossible to solve with adhereing to his principles. Leader's integrity, honesty, and comimitment makes him an effective leader.

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