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Some people believe that teaching morality should be the foundation of education. Others believe that teaching a foundation of logical reasoning would do more to produce a moral society.Write a response in which you discuss which view more closely aligns

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Now a days, people tend to be more logical denigrating their moral values in the name of practical thinking. But they should understand practicality will give you "success" but morality will give you "respect". Therefore I believe that teaching morality should be the foundation of education.

No one is born intelligent, we learned from the experiences of not only our but also from other's experiences. In every walk of our life, we tend to meet various people that teach us a wild variety of lessons to survive in this world. Our first teacher in life is our mother who teaches the values to be a quixotic human being, then we may learned from our school teacher, college professors, colleagues, spouse and even from our children. When we use the values learned from them, we are called as "The Person of Values" and people tend to admire us for this.

Moreover, we all are familiar with the law of action that states that "Every reaction is the result of own action" , this is also applicable when it comes to society we are belonging. Even if we become a great scholar with vast ocean of knowledge, if we are not a good human being then all our education will be considered as fruitless. For example, if a king is not kind to his public, then people just give the respect to the throne but not to the person seating on it.

Furthermore, we all know that our first impression is the last impression. Now, what all factors are considered while forming the first impression? These factors include an individual's dressing, his gestures, vernacular and so on. All these factors help us to conclude that a person is not only good at thoughts but also good at heart and he could be a wise accompany. Not only this, we always like the companions that have the same morality as ours and avoid the one who contracted the same. For example, if a person tell you about his bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and so on with pleasure then we create a mindset that the person is not good to be acquainted and we try to avoid him.

The question arises that why people inclined towards bad by sacrificing the morality? Well, the answer to this is that bad is always easy and when we are following our values, we get attracted towards bad just because we are deprived of bad and we want to experience bad. One of my professor taught me that it is very difficult to say no to bad things only at the first time, but when we say yes by compromising our ethics, we think that nothing will going to happen. However when we do the same for the second time, we thing that nothing happened when I did for the first time and eventually we get trapped into the cage of this unethical artifact that we find it difficult to come out and be the wise again.

Thus always remember that although persisting moral value is difficult but the individual who persist his moral values will always be praised more and liked by the milieu. so learn to be good always not only for others but also for the betterment of ourselves.

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