Universities should require every student to take a variety of courses outside the student's field of study. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sur

Education plays a vital role in building up a nation. Education is treated as the backbone of a nation. Education has many levels, amongst them, University occupies the prominent position. People pursuing degrees in order to adept in a specific major and professionals. There is a controversy about whether a university should force students to take courses outside its field of study or not. That seems unconvincing, thus, I strongly disagree with the issue that a student should participate in courses that are outside of his/her area.

In general, it is quite understandable why such an opinion exists and how people attracts. As we know, there is no margin of learning and it stretches an infinite sequence. There is a proverb "the more you read, the more you learn". it is undeniable that outside courses not relating to major will broaden our knowledge and lessen the lackings of our thoughts. It is interesting to talk with a multifarious public who have knowledge about art, literature, history, philosophy etc.
Primarily it seems my opinion is wrong.

However, University is designed to make someone expert in a particular field of his/her interest. We attend universities to get the better insight of a particular field which helps to flourish our professional life. University life is not lasting forever, it gives us a limited time significantly a couple of years. In this short period of time, we have to fulfil our target. Thus, the requiring of students to take various courses outside its field is nothing but a wastage of time and obstacle towards pursuing individuals goal. To illustrate, suppose a students field of study is Computer science and his dream is to become a computer engineer if that student is bound to take other courses like English literature, the Social science which seems dull and prosaic to him, isn't it a mere wastage of time and impediment of his ultimate target??

In addition, I would remind that there is another institution in our society where people receiving knowledge a lot of fields of study. It is actually the school where a pupil has to study various subjects related to life. Thus, it aids to provide a better sense and knowledge of adult life. Therefore, if the university follows the aforementioned statement and performs a task according to the statement, there will not be any difference between university and school, as it goes against the motto of University education. However, if a student is willing to take some additional courses outside the major, the university can provide such an opportunity to educate oneself, but without hurting his or her main purpose of entering an educational institution.

To recapitulate, I think the recommendation is not so much solid and productive as it may decrease the value of the university education.

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