As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious.

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As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious.

It is always a difficult task to acquire knowledge; be it from books or through experiments conducted by ourselves. There needs to be an active interest to know more about the subjects that interest us. I do not agree with the statement that acquiring knowledge makes things complex and mysterious. On the contrary, I believe on exploring further we get a deeper understanding of the subject.
When we decide to know about something, for example, a phenomenon or new technology, we start at the most basic level. Even our understanding of various concepts that might be used might be negligible. So first we try to understand the concepts used and only then do we understand the whole picture. But even after, we get an idea of what the whole thing is about, there might be a new discovery about what we are studying, that might force us to learn about many other concepts.
Let's take the example of the universe. As humans, we started slowly. It took us a lot of time to even know that the Earth is round. Then we came to know about the other planets, the milky way, etc. Now we are trying to understand black holes and the possibility of life on other planets; even the possibility of other galaxies. So right now, the universe might seem complex and mysterious because we do not know have all the information. Sunrise and sunset were mysterious before we came to know about the rotation of the Earth.
Yes, I do agree that this pursuit of acquiring knowledge may at times become frustrating and exhausting. Because for every new thing that we might have to learn, there are hundred other things that we need to understand. For example, before we understand the working of the electrical generator, we need to learn about electromagnetic theory, hysteresis loss and what not. But, we should realize that it is not a race. We should learn at our own pace and invest ourselves in the subjects that interest us. It is not knowledge itself that is complex and mysterious, but perhaps the process of acquiring it because in the middle of the learning process we do not have all the information.
Even scientists, who are actively working in many fields, agree that it is simply impossible to know everything. Even if we do achieve the herculean task of knowing all there is to know about a particular subject, we should remember that research is still going on. There is always the possibility of something more.
So even though the process of acquiring might be exhausting, because knowledge is endless, it does not make it more complex. It is simply that the more we try to understand, we realize that there is, even more, to learn before we can get the entire picture.

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