It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents for instance for sport or music and others are not However It is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician Discuss both these views and

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It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not. However, It is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Every person in the world has special and different skills. Someone is really good at sport, art or other abilities they have. It is claimed that people’s ability is a heritage from their parents. However, the others believe that the ability could be taught to a person to be good in that skill. This essay would argue that sport and art or other skills could be learned or improved by people although they do not have that skills since they were born.

Some people claim that people were born with certain talents such as sport and art skills. It could be true based on the biology theory about genetic that tells about similar character between parents and their children. For instance, a father who has good skill in sport would have children with good skills in sport as well. This argument also could be strengthened by environmental condition of the children. Related to the example above, children would have good ability in sport because they always see their father doing sport, so it is formed in their brain.

However, the other people believe that skills could be improved although people do not have that skills since they were born. People are able to learn some skills because they have strong willingness to be good in that skills. They could learn from books and practice it. Nowadays, some institutions are established with purpose to train people in special skills. For example, playing guitar course and football school.

In addition, the skills could be fully learned by people because of strong support from their environment such as family. Actually, parents want their children to become good people in the future, so parents should support them in learning special skills. For instance, parents that really support their children to be good football player and their children work hard to reach it.

To be concluded, everyone has special ability such as in sport and art. This skill does not always exist since people were born, but the major factor is strong willingness to learn that skill.

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Just wondering, it will be great if anyone can review my Essay and provide kind comment. Thank you all in Advance.

Today, skill development institutes and their programs are very much in demand. The most important reason for the same is Fame and Money earned because of these skills. This can be nowhere more evident than in Sports such as Cricket, Football etc, Music, and entertainment industries. Many people argue that any children can be inculcated to become a good professional athlete or musician; however, this is refuted by many. These arguments will be analyzed and critiqued prior to coming to any reasoned conclusion.

Historically, it has been seen that many people has born with certain talents and skills. For instance, Aryabhatt, also known as father of Arithmetic, calculated distance of each planets and their satellite's position very accurately without any formal education and advanced gizmos. His inventions and scripts are still admired by Scientists and astrologers. It is obvious after looking at the example that children’s born with talents are very much appreciated and acknowledged by prodigy. Thus, it is very much apparent why many people gravitate toward this claim.

In the contrary, it has also been seen that good institute and their teaching methodology can nourish and boost any children with certain skills. For example, Ian Thorpe, the renowned swimmer, started learning swimming when he was 10 year old. Today, he has won several medals and awards in multifarious occasions including Olympics and Asian games. From this, it is clear that proper training can boost skills of any individuals.

After analysing the person born with certain talent and person acquired skill through training institute, it is very much clear that the percentage of person born with skills are very much smaller than the ratio of talent produced through reputed institutes. In my opinion, any child can be inculcated certain skill to become great athlete and musician. The only thing required is proper guidance, training and enthusiasm to achieve the goal.