The bar chart below shows the estimated percentage of car trips taken by drivers in 2005.

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The bar graph illustrates the estimated proportion of automobile trips distinguished by its purpose and the sex of the drivers in 2005.

As a general trend, running cars for work was the most popular reason for both the genders. It is interesting to note that while majority of the male population drove cars for recreation, Women, on the other hand used cars for shopping.

With regards to work, men constituted just over 50% far higher than women at 39%. In relation to shopping, women had a higher standing at about 18% as opposed to men at 10%. In a sharp contrast, the usage of cars for recreation by men was at around 11% when compared to women at approximately 3%. Men were found to be at 8% a tad lower, in terms of courses as opposed to women at 12%.

For visiting banks and running errands, women struck higher at 9% and 10% respectively, whereas men were half as that of their counterparts in both areas. Women maintained their dominance in visiting friends at the rate of 8% while men were at just about 5%. Men overtook women when it came to visiting towns and were around 9% in comparison to women at 2%, the lowest figure in totality.

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