The chart below shows how primary secondary and tertiary students in Britain spend their free time

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The chart below shows how primary, secondary and tertiary students in Britain spend their free time.

The bar chart illustrates the information about how pupils in three different levels of education (primary, secondary and tertiary) in the UK spend their leisure time.

Overall, it is evident that majority of students spend 5 hours or more of their spare times in a week to watch television, and just a small number of them use this time to participate in extracurricular activities.

Approximately 50 of senior high school student use their leisure time on three activities namely watching TV, doing homework and taking a part-time job, and just below 40 of them have extracurricular activities and browsing the internet. A large number of senior high school pupils (60 students) spend their free time watching TV, followed by doing their assignment and browsing the internet at a similar figure (40 students). Meanwhile, lower than 35 them participating in extracurricular activities and taking a job.

5 hours or more a week is used by 60 primary school students to watch TV, and around 40 students involve in extra-curricular activity and browsing the internet. just below 30 pupils prepare their school assignment and none of them is reported having a part-time job.

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