People have different job expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of each viewpoint.

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Nowadays lives of people was so complicated and sophisticated.People needs different type of job for surviving easily. Here, some people believe that the people do the one job for the same company throughout their life whereas other believe that it would be better when they job change frequently according to their needs. so, i agree that the viewpoint of writer, people change the job frequently according to their desired.

Firstofall, taking about the advantage of the statement for changing the job frequently. In the modern era, people become more advance technologically so, this capacity might help to people will find giant company, may possible to give well earn money, name and status. Today business were drastically changed or moved with new technology and new concepts from old and paper based besides the improvement the system in business should encouraged employees to work with extra effort, energy and concern.Secondly, people have changed the job frequently that may help to learning a new think, new concept and well experience and they are getting the chance to find well post and potential monitory also. Nevertheless, people might face the new problem and difficulty to adjustment while change job frequently. Furthermore, trust part also effects of the people while frequently change one job to another.

one the other sides being an employees in only one job is a most tradition and secure choice and one's the responsibility and duties are usually clearly defined. There are also possible to increment the salary of the employees work in the same company long period of time and reliability and trust should be increased. There are many chances to increment the level of post with high salary. A lot of dream and work towards being prompted and eventually moving in the top circle while working in same company. However, there are few drawbacks, people have felt boring , always do same tasks in the same company. They may possible to make passive mind of the employees.

To sum up, to change job frequently rather than to do the same job ever. people have been changing the job according to the modern age. I would say, frequent change job for more better for doing same job it help to gain new experience and knowledge about life and even job also.

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