Some people think that in order to solve traffic and transportation problems people should be encouraged to live in cities rather than in suburbs or in the countryside To what extent do you agree or disagree

In recent times, there has been a surge in traffic in cities. Some people think that one practical solution to this is to stop suburban and rural people from moving to cities. I completely agree with the statement and will outline the reasons in this essay.

Firstly, as most facilities such as Hospitals and Schools are concentrated in urban areas, many people from outskirts of cities travel to these places for better life. As a result, the population density of these places increased detrimentally due to which there has been an upsurge in traffic during peak hours in cities. In developing countries such as India, governments are not able to provide many public transport facilities because of which most public transports are congested and cramped causing inconvenience for the public. If the population is scattered equally across the state, these issues could be addressed easily. Thus, discouraging people from countryside migrating to cities is an effective measure for avoiding transportation issues.

Similarly, since the public transports are always crowded, many people prefer their own vehicles for transportation. This has led to heavy traffic congestion in these areas. In a recent research, it was found that people in urban areas spend 30 percent of their productive hours in traffic-jams during peak hours. This has affected both their professional as well as personal life. In addition to this, increase in traffic also has an adverse effect on the environment too. Increasing usage of motorized vehicle has resulted in rise in carbon footprints in these areas.

In conclusion, considering the above statements, I, certainly, feel that ceasing the migration of people from rural and suburban areas is an effective measure to resolve the current traffic and transportation issues.

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