Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should require all young adults to perform some kind of national service, such as military service or social work. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should require all young adults to perform some kind of national service, such as military service or social work. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Needless to say that a truly successful person is not the one who achieves his highest ambition, but one who enjoys helping others reach theirs. Therefore, many young adults like to participate in numerous volunteer activities like helping the elderly to go around or children in schools in their spare time. Although many youths think that participation in those activities should be optional depending on their will and time, I would rather wholeheartedly believe that the government should require them to participate for two main reasons that I will explore in the following paragraphs.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that participation in those activities would be a rewarding experience for young people that will bring them numerous benefits. To elaborate on this point, I firmly believe it will sharpen their communication skills by giving them a chance to have face to face communication with others instead of chatting with others through electronic devices. Also, the majority of youths will prefer to participate in activities that are closely related to their majors. So, this chance would provide them with a real first-hand practical experience that will pave the way for them to find a better job opportunity in the future. For example, I vividly remember when I was in college ten years ago, I had a great passion for teaching. So, once an opportunity knocked my door to help my community, I opted to be a volunteer in a nearby elementary school to help young children for reading and mathematics. Frankly, that chance enabled me to gain a priceless experience from that the skilled teachers of that school who taught me how to help young children to grasp important information effectively. Also, face to face communication with others for at least six-hour per day during those activities enlarged my social network and enhanced my ability to communicate with people from different walks of life. As you can see, that marvelous chance certainly could enable youth to sharpen their communication and professional skills.

Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that activities could bring numerous benefits for the community and the society as well. To shield light on this point, I believe that finding candidates for assessing in military services, schools, hospitals can significantly help the government to provide the community with excellent services in many sectors like education, country's construction projects, health. My brother is a relevant example; he joined a volunteer organization in our community that directs their efforts toward young children. In other words, they always help young kids to read many books, motivate them to run for thirty minutes every day, and help them do their homework. So, within a few months, the rank of all elementary schools in our community have raised. Consequently, that has attracted many people to live there and has motived many investors to set up new projects too that have opened doors for adults to find a better job. As you can see, volunteer jobs can raise the standard of living and prosper the community.

In conclusion, if we contemplate the mentioned reasons, we will soon realize the government should require all young people to participate in those activities.

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