Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A group will be more helped by a person who is willing to do things what other members want than a person who strongly insists on things in a way that are different from other members want.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A group will be more helped by a person who is willing

to do things what other members want than a person who strongly insists on things in a way that are different from

other members want.

No matter in which kind of group, people may frequently raise controversy about the issues they are discussing. The majority of them may comprise and keep pace with the ideas of others, while some of them unflinchingly insist on their pursuit which may be entirely different from the others’. Thus, from the practical point of view of some people, a person who is willing to do things what others members want is more beneficial to the group than the one who is reluctant to do things as expected. Nevertheless, I definitely disagree with the statement since I think these two kinds of people are equally helpful to the prosperity of a group.

For starters, people who always give top priority to other members’ desires are indispensable in the group. Not only are they conducive to the harmonious atmosphere in a group, but they also help the group’s long-term development. If every one in the groups is reluctant to take into account others’ suggestions, it may render the absence of cohesion as well as collaboration, which may in turn be detrimental to the further progress of the whole group. Thus, people who are willing to satisfy their companions’ desires are extremely significant in a group. For instance, according to a research conducted by the New York Times, over seventy percent of people want to be employed by the entrepreneurs who make everyone else count. In this way, the employee can feel that they are involved in the decision-making, which can spark their enthusiastic for their work, thus they are willing to work effectively to promote the company’s development. Therefore, a person who always conform with others’ wishes are of great significance.

However, even though a group needs aforementioned people , it does not mean that people who strongly insist on things that are different from others’ expectation are of no help to the whole group. Instead, without this kind of people, there will be less opportunities for the group to acquire innovation. Examples can be found throughout the history of modern society. Thomas Edison, who lived one hundred years ago, at the dawn of the electrical age, invented the electric light bulb, electric generator and cinema projector. Although his great achievements are widely respected by us, his efforts were regarded as strange and unfeasible insistence by his contemporaries. A century later, Elon Musk, who lives with us in the digital era, founded Tesla Motors, Paypal, Space X which seemed unrealistic before their emergence. He has also encountered the same condition like Edison, but his uncompromisingly dedication to his unique idea engender his success. Both of them gained unprecedented achievements and lead their group to be recorded as part of history. Hence, people who hold different opinions are certainly the key determinant of the groups’ success.

Overall, I totally oppose the statement that people who are willing to do things others like are more significant than those who insist on their own ideas which are different from others’. As these two kinds of people are both crucial for the prosperity of the whole group. The former ones play an essential role in the harmony of working environment, and the latter ones can bring about dramatic innovations.

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