Do you agree or disagree Nowadays it is not important for people to have regular family meals together

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Do you agree or disagree? Nowadays it is not important for people to have regular family meals together.

By and large, it is of very little doubt, if any, that condition of serving meals is an issue of great consideration and importance. The situation of having meals can affect both our quality of life and the level of performance in daily tasks. Consequently, in the modern era, with alteration in some people's habits, who the meals are served with is of key importance more often than not. In this case, some people wonder whether today, having regular family meals together has priority. I am totally in agreement with having family meals still is noteworthy. In the ensuing lines, I will provide two reasons for the collaboration with this thesis.
The first idea worthy of consideration is that having regular family meals is an opportunity for family members to spend time together and accordingly, enjoy one another’s company. Due to the complexity of modern life, most people get stuck in their problems and they usually do not find any chance to spend time with their family members; but, by regular family meals, this company is more likely to happen. Moreover, family mealtime can serve as an escape from the demands and deadlines of daily life and offers an opportunity for speaking to each other and making memories built on fun, laughter, and togetherness. As a case in point, I can remember a time when all members of my family were employed and they did not have enough time for each other, during those days, having family meals was the best chance for us to join together, spend time with each other. Interacting with my parent and siblings especially with face-to-face communication helped me to reduce anxiety. Furthermore, sitting around the dining table talking and laughing, gives me a sense of belonging and can help reinforce the importance of family. This example clearly shows that nowadays having regular family meals has significant importance.
The second reason is that it provides a role model for healthy eating. Nowadays, a huge number of people get interested in fast food or other less-nutritive meals which have several disadvantages for their bodies; on the other, having family meals makes people not serve such meals during the day, even in their busy time. Moreover, people tend to eat less during family meals because they eat more slowly, and talk more which means increased having healthier eating habits. Taking commercially prepared food, for example, they are high in fat, sugar, and salt. As a result, people who eat a lot of tending to have higher obesity rates. However, there is a variety of healthy nutritious sources of food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and other healthy ingredients available when people used to cook in the kitchen. Hence, when families gather together for having lunch or dinner, not only they can eliminate the unnecessary temptation for harmful ingredients, but also regulate the amount of serving for meals. Therefore, it now seems certain that having regular family meals has significant importance since it offers a healthier life for people.
To sum up, I believe in the modern era, having meals with family members still have priority due to providing a platform for spending time and having fun with family, and creating an opportunity for healthy eating habits. I think people should spend more time with their family more than at mealtime.

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