Do you agree or disagree? The way people dresses is a good indication of his or her personality or character.

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Do you agree or disagree? The way people dresses is a good indication of his or her personality or character.

Although some people adamantly claim that it would be unfair if we judje the personality or character of other unfamiliar people according to their clothes and appearance, others take an opposite point of view toward this opinion and provide some rational reasons. Personally, I am of the belief that the people’ appearance could be good indication of their intrinsic personality. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in the following essay.
The first reason that immediately comes to mind is that people choose the clothes according to their interests and priorities. Now, we live in a world in which most of the people have enough freedom to choose their favourite clothes. Besides, there are myriad of different styles that could be chosen by individuals regarding their interests. For example, I can remember when I was an elementary student, I was scorned by my classmates because my dress was aften out-dated and old fashioned. The problem originated from this issue that my mother always chose my dress and, in most cases, the clothes were black and grey despite my temprament which was humorous and happy. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to select one and never tried to change this process. After a while, I decided to make my appearance according to my favourite style. So I talked to my mother and asked her to give me the opportunity to do this. Fortunately, she was open minded and after that I purchase what I loved which were colourful dresses. So it seems to be fair if we assert that appearance is a great indication of nitrinsic values.
Another argument which could be said about this topic is that now people dress meticulously not to judje incorrectly. We live in era in which we have accessibility to a huge amount of data so we are well-informed about different lifestyles and, as well as, a various assortment of dressing and the consequences which is others’ interpretations about us. For instance, I know a boy who lives near us. He looks so strange because he always dresses the clothes that are so different and they don’t match together. Even though, in most times, he seems to be a little crazy, I recently found out that he dress intentionally this way since he is studying fashion in the university and want to assess the people reaction to his designs. That’s why I think that most of the people kniw this fact that the surrounding people always evaluate them.
All in all, although there are some cases in which people are forced to wear a certain type of clothes like muslim women in I slamic country or the people who make their appearance different because of their beliefs or religion, in many parts of the country people are free and could select their own dress. From my perspective, not only people choose a unique appearance to introduce themselves to others, but also they are enough informed about others’ interepretations so it could be a good indaction of their personality.

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