If you could change anything about your country , what would you change?

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If you could change anything about your country , what would you change?

If i could change anything about my country India. I would try to make gender equality all over the nation by providing free education to girl child and protect every rights of the women. Gender equality is very important for progress because of following reasons.

Firstly, there is a male dominant society in India from the centuries ago. Sexism promotes various ill behavior in the society. Therefore, crimes like rape, acid attacks on women, abuse and Dowri-custom are very common in some parts of India till date. As for example, in Dowri custom, in order to get married , woman's parents need to give some amount of money or expensive gifts such as cars, house to the man's family. Many women got killed because of insufficient Dowri given by the parents. This must need to be stopped, parents of a woman should focus on educating their girls rather than spending money on these kind of unfortunate weddings to stop the violent behavior of the male dominant society. On the other hand, the government of India should make education for every girl child for free to encourage the parents to fulfill their girls dreams.

Secondly, there are several rural areas where people still believe that a girl is meant to stay at home and serve the family. Therefore, women from some parts of the country are always remain dependent on their family. Parents make their girls to stay away from all the attractions like watching television, playing with their younger brothers or sisters instead of that they make them working in the kitchen and learning the responsibilities of raising the children and nurturing the home from very young age. As for example, during my primary education, one of my friends suddenly stopped attending the school. When I asked my professor for the reason he said, her family members thought that getting an education is a waste of time and their girl should focus on learning household work. Later I found out that girl did suicide at age of twenty. If I could get a chance in future I would appeal the court to pass a law to provide a girl child education till the college compulsory; and give a penalty to those who do not believe in girl child education and upbringing.

Lastly, our nation has progressed and got better in order to bring gender equality.As for example, Kalpana chawla was the first lady of our nation to got in to the national institute of space and aeronautics (NASA) of america, There are several lady doctors and lady police officer overall who got succeed in their field. Actress form the Bollywood ( Indian film industry) got recognition in various world class TV shows and movies. But overall, There are still 1 in 20 woman got raped in the villages and ruler area of India. Therefore, special attention by Indian government and united nation, is needed in order to give justice to thousands of innocent lives.

In conclusion, because of the above mentioned reasons I believe that our nation, India still a poor country. And I strongly recommend strict steps should be taken in order to make community safer for a girl child to grow and enjoy equal rights and quality of life.

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women from some parts of the country are always remain dependent on their family.
women from some parts of the country always remain dependent on their family.

our nation, India still a poor country.
our nation, India is still a poor country.

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