Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it, or is it better to save for some time in the future?

We all require money to survive in this world to buy and use needy things in our life. Because money is an only thing from which we can purchase various life essential things. In short, money is the power. Although some people believe that it is better to enjoy our money while we earn it, others believe that it is best to save some amount of money for the future purpose. As far as I am concerned, I can concur with the latter one statement, since I believe that money is power. I have explained my view in the following lines.

Firstly, money is very important factor in our lives. Moreover, according to classical thinkers it acts as an incentive for people. We see that many students have lack of money for their further education completion. It may be a possibility that dearth of money or finance inflict due to restraint use of money in the past by their parents. In such case, the parents of that particular student think that they should have saved some amount of money for the future.

Moreover, not only in education but also in different fields, money sometimes play a vital role to save and defend the life of a person. For example, we see, watch many parents crying for their baby’s life as it requires a certain amount of money for operation, surgery or transplant of organ. More importantly, they regret for discarding and not saving money for the future use. Hence, in catastropic and unexpected condition, money has great role. In fact, it act as life saver and game changer.

Furthermore, we always use restraint sum of finance whatever we earning in our present life. It may be a case in our life in the future that due to use of money in uncontrolled and unrestrained manner, nobody will come forward to help us. Ultimately, we would beg to someone for one-time bread. For example, we see many begger who used to sleep on footpaths or railway stations or other public place. According to survey, the main reason for their plight is very related to lack of saving of money for the future. Because of lack of decision making skills, today they suffer through tough exam in their life.

In sum, as money is the power and time, it is very essential in our life. We should appreciate its price. Sometimes it plays a role of life saver or sometime it act as turning point for a person. Therefore, I contend that it is better to save some amount of money for future rather than using it recklessly and carelessly. A good decision maker and rational thinker should save finance for time in the future. In the view of the above, we can conclude that money can complete education of a student, it can save life by relevant operation or it can prevent us from being begger in the future.

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