Nowadays we communicate less with our family members To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement

In today's world people think that time is money and motion is progress. I am totally concurred with the idea that People are running towards money and materialistic lifestyle because of which though there are abundant means of communications, they do not have time to have conversation with their parents. I firmly believe that people are not communicating with each other like before they used to do as their life is hectic and busy. I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraph.

To begin with, youths visit different country to enhance their knowledge and ability in broad sector and have physical distance with their relatives. The world clock is different in time and day which varies from one country to another according to the Greenwich line. If it's ten AM in the morning in one place, it may be two AM in other place. As a result, it is really hard to communicate with people. I have to admit that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own personal experience. I have been in USA for two years and circumstances is different than I was in my country to talk with my nearest people. When it's time to wake up for me, people from my country have time to sleep. Consequently, though I want to have conversation but the situation does not allow me.

Secondly, Society has transformed in the name of modernization and industrialization. Moreover, self centered attitude has changed the brotherhood in the society. To be specific, people are running towards money for materialistic lifestyle and they do not have time to think about other people to commute their happiness and misery with each other. As a result, people only want to talk in a serious business than spending time in hello, hi communication. In my experience, about five years ago, my friends went to Australia for her job. Before going there, she used to talk with her family twice a day in a phone call. On the contrary, she works seven days a week for ten hours per day as much as she can. Unfortunately, she does not have time to talk to her friends and family. Now a days, she only talks once a month if she has any important issues to share. It shows that today's generations are running towards sophisticated lifestyle rather than valuing their relationships.

Finally, law is another factor effecting to have conversation. To elaborate, when pro-genie become eighteen, they are allowed to leave their home and stay alone. Over the time, they love to stay without any disturbance as they call it freedom. Independent life makes people to forget their social bounding with family and consequences for less communication. Though there are ample means of communication accessed in the world but people spend time using social medias, watching movies or series.

In light of the above mentioned reasons, I strongly support that lack of time, long distance relationship, law, materialistic lifestyle are the major factors that people do not give company to there family as they used to in the past.

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...wo years and circumstances is different than I was in my country to talk with my nea...
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...time to talk to her friends and family. Now a days, she only talks once a month if she has...
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... to talk to her friends and family. Now a days, she only talks once a month if she has...

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