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Print media, including Magazines and newspapers, will soon be completely replaced by internet news source.

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Technology is improving our lives in different ways and these changes are modifying some business concept. Nowadays we have technology changing the way about the news come us. Print media, especially the newspapers and magazines are being replaced for internet sites and apps because they are cheaper and accessible.
First, it is hard to imagine how many trees are needing to make the paper for magazines and newspaper, in addition, they have to use ink, glue, and all the other raw materials needed to make those products. All the cost to print this material will be cut and the news will come to us only on the internet because is cheaper furthermore environmental friendly, Can you imagine how many trash will disappear? In fact, a lot of companies here in Brazil are doing this change. They created user-friendly sites and apps to attend this new demand, for instance, the magazine Veja, because, their sales have dropped a lot, they have had to reinvent themselves and create new ways to distribute the news which was sites and apps.
Second, in the past, access to the internet was very small, only in big cities. Nowadays the scenario is different and almost all world has internet. Now we have how to read, to check, to listen, to stream and to watch only with our cell phone, we don’t need anymore to go to the paper store to buy anything. The internet is accessible to us only with one click. When a new magazine is launched it arrives in my email before arriving in the store. I can check the news as soon as I wake up, in my bed. Besides this, I can check if the news is true or if they are fake news. We are in election times here in Brazil and every day the magazines publish fake news and sometimes its difficult to realize if it's true or false before buying the magazine. With the online news, I can check if the notice is real or unreal easily without to buy anything and instead to buy all magazine, I am able to buy only the specific news or apps that I want to use.
In conclusion, the Internet and technology are working together to make our lives better, even though some old habits are survived. They are leaving our lives and replaced for new ways to read or to see new.

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