TPO 1: At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and library and should receive equal financial support.

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TPO 1: At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and library and should receive equal financial support.

There is no doubt that nowadays physical as well as social activities is an inevitable part of humankind’s life. This brings up a highly controversial topic: Should university administrations devout the same amount of money for social and sports activities as they do for academic contexts? I agree with the idea that universities should make an equal investment in sports and social activities as they do for the university classes. The reasons behind this viewpoint concern students’ future job and health. I will discuss them in the following paragraphs.
The first reason that immediately comes to mind is that social activities increase the possibility of getting a job in the future. In fact, nowadays a lot of companies ask their job candidates to have a high level of communication skill in order to recruit them. If the students practice communicating with people effectively, it is likely that they will be employed in the future. For example, I recently applied for one of a job vacancy in a famous company. Manager of the company required from its job applicants to demonstrate communication ability. For this purpose, the manager decided to test my communication proficiency by setting an experiment. In this experiment, I had to interact with customers in order to show whether I was suitable for the job position of public relation or not. I had attended at various social activities such as students club during my study at university before I applied for a job. Thus, I successfully passed the examination. However, other applicant failed at this easy test, even though they had the same academic degree as me. The reason for this outcome was that they did not participate in social activities at their university. This example illustrates that social activities are as important as academic classes since it will raise the chance of getting a job in the future. Hence, the university should consider investing money in social activities.
The second point worth discussing is related to students' health. Indeed, students are healthier when they involve in sport and physical activities. For instance, by playing soccer, humankind's heart pumps blood rapidly through a body, which means heart muscles will become stronger than before. The heart muscle's strength is of paramount importance for people because it has to do with heart diseases such as heart attack. Consequently, students can reduce the likelihood of getting heart diseases, as most people are suffering from these kinds of ailments. Considering this positive consequence for students, they will be in a healthier manner without taking medicines, allowing them to study better for class materials. However, the lack of physical exercises will lead to an increase in the possibility of becoming sick which reduces the time they spend on participation in university classes. Therefore, if universities dedicate equal financial support for college students for doing physical exercises, they certainly are healthier.
In conclusion, according to above-mentioned factors, I contend that college presidents must allocate money for their students. The students will gain the benefits of becoming healthful and getting a job in the future.

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