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TPO-33 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects.

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Nowadays teachers use various methods to assign project for to students, and one of the most prevalent kind of these assignments is team working work- projects. I strongly believe that this type of assignment have has many advantages for students and is a very effective approach to improve the students' learning. In the following paragraph, I will discuss my view using some reasons and examples.

I think it is very influential method for students that can do their assignments in a group work because it is an opportunity for them to learn how to have communications with each other. In other words, the team work increases the students' tolerance to listen to other students's views and respect these ideas. In this way they are prepared for the future job and can learn many a lot of things about the team work. For examples, because of usable group teamworks that I had with my classmate, I am a successful person in my office and always I am selected as the leader of the group projects.

In addition, when students do their assignments in a team, they have the chance of acquiantanceacquaintance of with various approaches for a specific academic problem, and it is very valuable. That is, presenting presentation of some several approaches and answers for a question increases the students’ cognitive ability to learn the scientific problem deeply. For instance, my brother after attending attendance in at a mathematic group can could learn more than three methods to solve a math problem, and it is leads him to try to solve other math problem by various approaches.
Finally, in my view the most important advantages privileges of group projects is are that students'' attemptss to achieve their goals is are more than the time when they do their project alone. In other words, students have great attempts efforts to do the assignments comprehensively and so they can get a good grategrade.

To sum up, I believe that when students work together to do an assignment, they not only will they have the chance of learning many more useful information that can help them in the future job, but also they will be able to be familiar with some various solutions for a problem. In this way they can improve their learning abilities. Moreover, the team works leads students to have high attempts and consequently gain a great score for them.

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