TPO 54 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state sponsored Olympic teams Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

On the whole, it is of a little doubt, if any, the government’s policy about the budget is an issue of great importance and consideration. The amount of budget in each society aspects can affect both people's quality of life and the level of performance in daily tasks, both social and professional. Consequently, allocating priority in aspects should have great attention. In this regard, some people wonder governments spend more money on supporting art or athletics. I believe that art-related issues are more significant and should receive more budget. In the ensuing lines, I will provide two reasons for the collaboration with this thesis.
The first idea worthy of consideration is that supporting art affects positively society's culture. Artists have a crazy ability to capture feelings, and individuals are keepers and preservers of those feelings. Enhancing the level of movies, performing concerts, improving the visual scenery of cities are ways which lead encourage people to enjoy their life and understand the value of art. Moreover, art is a great way of communication; it allows people from a different level of society and different locations to communicate with each other via images, sounds, and stories. Taking Esfahan, a historical city in Iran, as an example. In that city, there is a long time existence of respect for art and traditions. In this city, people are interested in communicating with art such as music festivals which happen every night in public places. Local government is aware of that and allocation great money on these performances, not only keeps people enthusiastic about this ancient culture but also makes Esfahan a good destiny for tourist which is a noticeable way for earning that funding back. This indicates that funding for art is noteworthy.
The second reason is that compared with supporting athletics, improving art can benefit more people. Although achievement in sports champions such as Olympic does serve as one important role in the happiness of society, not everyone can be proficient or even interested in the sporting event. We should not ignore the sobering fact that there are still a large number of people live in an environment that includes visual factors. Increase the quality of objects used and seen by people is the best way to provide a more convenient way to relax and getting away from hustle and bustle of a hectic life for all of the society members. For example, I majored in architecture. Once, I remember one of our professors tell us about the feeling of people in lower-income buildings which are numerous. According to him, having cultural resources such as art in lower-income neighborhoods is related to a variety of better health outcomes. Additionally, those neighborhoods also had lower crime rates and better academic outcomes for their kids. The number of people who comforted from this is way much that beneficiary from sports. This shows that supporting art is advantageous.
To sum up, by and large, allocating more budget on supporting art by the government is better because more people can enjoy it and art is the foundation of culture which is an important factor for society. I think people should get more involved in art more than before.

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