Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In general, it stands to reason that every society holds some ideas in high regard due to various reasons. One good example of such ideas is the tendency of some workers to choose the variety of tasks in which they would do in their work area. This is mainly due to the fact that it could influence on the future of the society. Having said that, due to the emphasis put on this idea, many tend to analyze it and express their opinions in regard to its aspects. One point of controversy is that some of the workers tend to repeat similar tasks during the workday. One specific reoccurring idea brought up is that workers tend to do similar works during the workday or they tend to improve their efficiency by accepting variety tasks to do. Many concur with this notion and I count myself as one of them. In the lines below, I will delve into the reasons for this opinion by pointing out 2/3 of them.
One point worth mentioning here is that by doing a variety of tasks by individuals, they would improve their ability to accomplish several works and also they would increase their own self-confidence, hence it would help them to progress in their workplace. For instance, let's take a construction worker, in which s/he could do a wide range variety of tasks. As s/he has a good experience in accomplishing several constructive tasks, s/he would be succeeding to improve her/his position.
Another equally important reason is that by doing more variety of tasks by the workers, as they would become multifaceted individuals, their work security would be increased. Indeed, with an increase in the diversity and importance of the tasks that they would accept, the need of their employer would be increased to them and subsequently, they would have a good work security.
The final point to be mentioned is that as the workers are going to be more experienced, and their ability would be increased by accepting variety tasks, they could be able to demand their employer to increase their income. According to their attained abilities, their employer does not want to miss them at all. Eventually, they would succeed in their demand, in which they wanted to earn more money by doing same hours or even less.
To recapitulate, all the reasons presented above bring us to the conclusion that if workers accept more tasks in their work area, it would be more beneficial for them. This is due to the reasons given, which are progressing in their workplace, increasing their work security and increasing their salary.

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