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You are helping to select a leader for a student organization or club. Do you agree or disagree that a person’s honesty is the most important thing to consider in deciding whom to vote for?Use reasons and examples to support your position.

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Honesty is a good quality to lead a student organization. A lot of students vote for a campaign candidate who is loyal and honest as the best one to lead a student organization. As far as I am concerned, being honest is essential in running a students union; however there are other factors that draw the same attention.

Admittedly, telling the truth when dealing with student affairs is helpful for colleagues to improve. In order to fully support other workmate, directly telling them where the problem is and how to correct it are useful. For example, when a colleague who is new to the Office of Student Affairs, makes a mistake in correctly registering student’ names, plainly pointing out his mistake is necessary. In addition to this, it would be also appropriate to tell him that student’ handwritings are normally scratchy, and there would be more typos if he has not paid enough attention to them. In a word, being honest to his mistake would not discourage his working enterprise, but encourage him to work with more cautions. However, on balance, for a leader to manage the team well, being honest is not enough for the absolutely honest to others would hurt their feelings. To avoid this, we have to consider other factors as a leader of a student organization.

To begin with, admitting to personal mistakes is a crucial characteristics for a leader, which sets foundation for self-improvement. If one is unable to acknowledge where he has failed, he will never be able to begin the process of working on the areas of weakness. In order to be a strong leader, one has to make mistakes, and confront them with a desire to do better in the future. This has more to do with improving your competence as a leader, rather than how people perceive you. A leader will constantly be faced with tough decisions. Every leader thus has to take risks, but a good leader takes calculated risks. The only way to get better at this decision-making process is to make mistakes and learn from them. Also, if you are willing to make your mistakes public, the voters and colleagues may be willing to trust you to take bigger risks in the future.

In addition, how to cooperate with other teammates is also worth noticing. In other words, team cooperation is able to improve the efficiency when encountering difficulties. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, after polling hundreds of student leaders from universities in California, a significant percentage of them regard that being cooperative in dealing with problems could get everybody involved when making decisions. During the discussion, suggestions from different members would make the problems comprehensively considered, and hence minimizing the chance to ignoring certain aspects. Meanwhile, letting everyone have an opportunity to express his opinion makes them feel a part of the team, which is essential to build team spirit.

To sum up, there is no denying that honesty could help a student leader to run the organization. However, to consider it as the most important one is too absolute, and there are other factors, such as admitting to errors and teamwork, that are indispensable for a leader to take consideration.

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