Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

In today's sophisticated world, in comparison to the past, many things, including the importance of different jobs, have changed in various aspects. Some people think that teachers were more valued in the past. On the other hand, others believe in the opposite. I, personally, concur with the former group for a couple of reasons, on which I will elaborate in the following paragraphs.
First of all, with the advent of technology and progress of the world, the number of educated people has increased compared to the past. In the past, there were limited educated ones, so that doctors and teachers were only well-educated people in each society. In this circumstance, it is expected that ordinary people profoundly appreciated people who were working in these fields. Indeed, people heartily admired them because they were aware of the difference between the level of knowledge of themselves and educated people's like teachers. To make it more clear, in the past, the majority of people had some regular occupation such as agriculture, selling commodities, and deriving, which did not need any academic study. Therefore, in such a society, teaching was a prestigious vocation, and people intensively honoured teachers. However, in the current era, there are many professionals in different fields that are working on remarkable jobs positions such as astronomers, scientists, and engineers.
Second, in the modern era where we live there, educational facilities are growing up day-to-day. In the past, people resorted to the teachers for everything they wanted to learn, however, nowadays, people access to a wide variety of the precious resources such as equipped libraries, online courses, countless types of educational applications which ease the learning process effectively. Therefore, in this situation, that people are less dependent on the teachers in the learning process, it is logically that teaching is not as outstanding as it used to be. For example, learning online may be was unimaginable in the past, however, these days, people thanks to immense progress of the technology, can learn everything using self-study which it shows the fade of the role of teachers in today's world. In fact, in my opinion, people value on those whom they are more dependent on them. The fewer dependence people feel to someone, the less value they put on his or her position.
All in all, with the two mentioned reasons into account, I firmly assert that people appreciate teachers less than previous. In other words, teaching is not as crucial as it was in the past because not only there are more well-educated individuals in the society, but also because of the presence of plentiful educational resources, people need to teachers less than previous.

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