TPO 01 Integrated Writing Task In the United States employees typically work five days a week for eight hours each day However many employees want to work a four day week and are willing to accept less pay inorder to do so A mandatory policy requiri

The author in the reading passage argues how a mandatory policy requiring companies to offer their employees the option of working a four-day workweek with reduced wages can be beneficial for the company, the nation, and for individual employees as well. The speaker in the listening, however, attacks each of the arguments made by the author in the reading, stating that neither the company nor the individual employees would benefit from such a policy.
First of all, the author in the reading states that since employees would spend less time working, they would be more rested and alert. Hence the number of costly errors in their work would decrease and this would lead to an increase in the company profits. On top of that, because those opting for the four-day work week would be paid at a reduced rate, the same amount of money can be used for staffing. The speaker in the listening contends this argument stating that there are fixed costs associated with new employees such as medical benefits, office space and computers, and on the job training which might cause a decrease in the profits.
Secondly, while the author in the reading believes that a four-day work week will significantly reduce unemployment rates, the speaker in the listening states that because hiring is costly, companies might simply ask their employees to work overtime. Additionally, the speaker in the listening believes that this might lead to raised expectations. This could cause the employees to be subjected to an unpleasant work week where they try to achieve results similar to those who work five days a week.
Finally, the author in the reading believes that a four-day work week would be better for individual employees as well, as they could spend the additional free time with their families, pursuing private interests, or enjoying leisure activities. Although the speaker in the listening agrees that the four-day work week would lead to more free time for employees, he doubts that it can have other risks which can reduce the overall quality of life. He believes that employees opting for four-day workweek might have decreased job stability and can lose out on their jobs during economic downtimes. Furthermore, these employees might get passed over for promotion, because companies would like to have someone who works five days a week, in the managerial position, for continuous coverage and supervision.
To sum up, as in evident from this essay, the speaker in the listening and the author in the reading hold very different opinion on the mandatory company policy regarding a four-day work week

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